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  • Luxury Hotel in Rajasthan
  • Luxury Hotel in Rajasthan
Luxury Hotel in Rajasthan

Edhatu a Sanskrit word depicts happiness / prosperity. The five densest of the ‘Tattvas’ (elements) which are used to explain the structure and origin of the Universe connotes the five elements i.e. Ether (Akash), Wind (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jal) and Earth (Prithvi).These are the same “elements” known to Hermetic science.

These five earthly tattvas are qualities in our senses and in the world. These five tattvas engage three types of behaviours or qualities, called “Gunas”, that determine the altitude and attitude of your life. Thus, knowing these five things open the door to understanding nature itself. The concept of our brand “Edhatu” also reflects in balancing these five elements andour purpose is to restore our culture and custodians of our vicinity. The intent behind what we do is only make our guests happy with all comfort and luxury... Read More

Luxury Hotel in Rajasthan
Luxury Hotel in Rajasthan



  • Rajasthan is a beautiful state, nestled on the northern side of the captivating country of India, It is known for astonishing landscapes, gorgeous natural wonders, and fascinating culture. Kumbhalgarh Fort is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the state, situated in Rajsamand district - a famous World Heritage Site.
  • Located in the rugged Aravali range, the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is a sprawling wildlife reserve, spread over Pali, Rajsamand and Udaipur districts of Rajasthan, is a major attraction for tourists.
  • Kumbhalgarh is known for its magnificent monuments, extravagant palaces, an abundance of temples and flamboyant chattri.
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  • Pushkar is located in the state of Rajasthan, along the bank of the picturesque Pushkar Lake. One of the holiest cities of India, Pushkar is a favored destination for tourists and devotees. Pushkar is an ancient pilgrimage site wrapped in many Puranic stories from Indian scriptures.
  • Pushkar is very famous for its numerous temples, serene lake, ghats and lovely market. Pushkar is home to the only temple of Lord Brahma in the country as well as the world. People from across the globe come to Pushkar to take a dip in the holy waters of Lake.
  • Pushkar becomes a bustling and colorful fairground when the annual Pushkar Fair is held. The highlight of the fair is the Camel Fair, Camels are also decked up and paraded on the sand dunes, presenting a picturesque sight.
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  • Jawai, an ancient land, dominated by rugged granite boulders where the boundaries of the three kingdoms of Marwar, Mewar, and Sirohi once converged. Here the Jawai lake and river formed by the reservoir are the soul of this arid region.
  • Jawai the dam is also known as Amrit Sarovar of Marwar. It is a wonderful dam that attracts tourists here. The flying migratory birds besides the scanty greenery around the dam enhance its overall look.
  • Jawai is famous for India’s most enchanting & magnificent landscapes and you may catch the sighting of Leopard, Hyena, Wild Bear & other species.
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  • Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand is adjoined by the majestic Shivalik Hills, with the meeting of two grand rivers - Ganges and Yamuna, thus it is a beautiful place to visit.
  • Being the State Capital, Dehradun is one of the largest economic growth centers followed by Haridwar and Nainital.
  • The city silhouetted with magnificent landscape, old colonial architecture, religious places, sports complex, restaurants and little local markets, one can enjoy several activities in Dehradun. It’s proximity with hill stations and other places add a lot of opportunity for exploration.
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