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Prayaan Leisure – An Edifying Experience

Prayaan’s brand Edhatu is a cluster of three unique resorts & hotels at three offbeat locations in the venerable land of Rajasthan. Enthralled yourself in our handcrafted “Charming second home” where we conjoin you with nature & traditions. A perfect blend of personalized services & soulful hospitality will ensure a feeling of Incredible India.

Our family Prayaan looks forward to welcoming you to our Athiti Devo Bhavah tradition: and hope that this is the beginning of a peerless experience.

PRAYAAN Hospitality came into existence with a zeal to please the leisure segment of travellers in search of sheer pleasure of Hospitality. We are committed to providing the very best hospitality in some of the Incredible India’s most unique destinations. Our experiences are the living expression of a place, its history, environment and culture with deep love and commitment to give a lifetime experience to our guests. Edhatu Kumbhalmer Resort offer a variety of guest experiences from early morning jungle tracks to romantic pool side or terrace candlelight dinners. Our Self explored jungle tracks to hilltop are most popular among our guests as these tracking gives a lifetime experience to interact with local tribe BHEELs, heart melting bird’s chirping and sipping the traditional Chai in leaf bowl made by local tribal people.

Best Resort in kumbhalgarh

Private Dinner

3000/per Couple
Best place to stay in kumbhalgarh

Farm to Fork

2500/per Couple
Edhatu Kumbhalmer Resort

Night Safari

5500/per Ride
Edhatu Kumbhalmer Resort

Virgin Track

4000/per Group
Best Resort in kumbhalgarh

Fort Ramble

4000/per Trip